Saturday, March 21, 2009

Great food for your Longaberger Party Guests

So I use an awesome service called statcounter that keeps track of information like where my viewers come from, what they searched to get here, how long they stayed, what browser their using... stuff like that.
Apparently today someone was looking for some good ideas of food to have at the Longaberger Party she was hosting- If that person comes back to this site, I hope this helps :)
Generally what we do around here is a lighter spread of a few different "party foods"
Generally a menu consists of:
Lighter foods: 
Chips/Dip (if you have Longaberger Dip, awesome, if not, that's cool)
Veggie Tray 
Cheese and Meat Tray (cheese cubes, peperoni's, summer sausages.. etc)
Punch (which is harder to find now than it used to be, we make the frozen kind with ginger ale)
2-3 2 liters of sodas or Tea or Lemonade.... you know what you like

Heavier things (or, things that take more time)
Here is where things get a little different, if you have something you make that everyone adores here's where to do it. My mom in her recipe-less glory makes these meatballs that the recipe is basically: Ketchup, Worcester sauce, and brown sugar cooked in a crock pot all night.. they're amazing.
Some other ideas:
BBQ cocktail weenies
Chicken Wings
Pigs in a blanket
Baked Potato station (provide the potatoes, lay out sour cream, butter and other toppings)

A cake or Pie
cupcakes (isn't the little basket cupcake super cute?? recipe here )

The real awesomeness comes in when you use Longaberger products to show off the food, ask your consultant if they have some items you can borrow and if they have an entertaining with Longaberger book, it's got a lot of little ideas for displaying stuff.

Just a few ideas:
Crackers in the bread basket with divided protector
Dips in the crocks with lids (cheese balls are also good in these)
Take veggie trays apart and put them into the wreath basket with divided protectors, dip in the middle,
Use the 2 tier triangle stand for chips and dip (if you want)
Punch in any of the big baskets the bushel basket is awesome if you need that much punch..
drinks in the beverage tote with ice
Plates in the keeping baskets
Forks and Spoons or Knives in the spring basket
cakes/pies in the pie or cake basket It's also really cute, if you're artistic or can decorate cakes, try putting a basket weave across the top of a cake, look to the sides of pottery for ideas.


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