Saturday, August 1, 2009

A lovely Treat for your Tricksters

This halloween, one of my favorites is the Black Cat Basket and Wrought Iron Stand, I have 3 cats and you might say I have a thing for the domestic feline.

This basket and stand set is only available for the month of August, and if you order early you can purchase the whole set for just the cost of the basket, liner, and protector. The whole set is valued at $129 and you can get it for only $79!

The basket is available in Warm brown or Black. Not only is it great for Halloween Treats, it's a great size for napkins, hand towels, remote controls and dvds. With the Wrought Iron piece it is super cute for cat toys and treats! (because as everyone knows, cats love Longaberger baskets! Mine specifically like only collectors club baskets, we don't know why)

This special is only available on show orders, if you'd like to purchase it, please email me at 
To view the rest of the items available for the month of August you can View it here

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