Saturday, August 1, 2009

News from the Bee

I have some of the new products for you! The Bee is Longaberger's big national convention where all the home consultant's are invited up to see new products and show ideas and big sales and hear news about the company. Awards are given out for sales and other recognitions, and folks always pass on info and pictures that they have taken while up there. I unfortunatly am unable to go this year, due to some sticky finances (remember, I'm still putting myself through college :) thankfully Longaberger helps me have some extra income)

This is the soup and sandwich plate which can be used for dips and chips/veggies, as well as that it interacts with the small crock, bowls, or just for kids who dislike their food to touch!
These are listed as $35 in the new wishlist.
The basket behind it is featured in the new Chestnut weave pattern. 

Napkin Rings

Peppermint inclusion candle
Small business card
(available until February)

2 Pie Server

Bread Carrier Basket (note the sealed lidded protector)
Cookie Platter (and in the background you can see the snowflake patterned mug, and the snowflake basket)

Oval Muffin Basket

Oval Diamond basket: combines a diamond shaped base with an oval top, as well as our new Chestnut color
Small Recipe basket

(A MUST HAVE) This is the new muffin pan, it is unglazed on the bottom for even heating, but glazed in the woven traditions colors on the top for easy clean up! 

The bright colors are back! Mugs and bowls available

Autumn leaves Large market weave pattern (this weave pattern is available in other baskets as well) available september only! Features Merlot, Spice and Maple Leaf Yellow Weaving, Merlot lid available as well
Look for more updates in the coming days as I get the time to put it all up!

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