Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Buy Longaberger Pottery?

Longaberger Pottery is a great investment, want to know why?
-It's reusable, green is a good thing!
-Longaberger pottery is vitrified (fired at a VERY high temperature) this makes the clay particles melt into glass, which is non-porous, so no germs will get IN the pottery.
- When you buy Longaberger pottery you're getting pottery that meets restaurant durability requirements; no chipping, cracking or crazing.
-Technically speaking Longaberger's aesthetic quality is better than that of most restaurants, Longaberger's suppliers are always telling them that restaurants don't care as much about color matching, glaze drips and "orange peel"
- Our dinnerware and bakeware are always microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe, some seasonal items may be a little different, but our bakeware is something you can trust.
-All our pottery is compliant with California Proposition 65: the strictest guideline for safety in America. Longaberger tests everything  they offer to ensure that it is lead free and safe for your family.

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