Saturday, March 21, 2009

Homestead Opens for the Season

The Homestead opened for business yesterday March 20!

Some new changes this year:
For the first time EVER, make-a- basket will be PRE-STAINED! you can choose from warm and rich brown and a bunch of color trim strips and tack jackets! Preschedule 5 or more weavings and get a group rate!
in an effort to recycle some of the basket waste pieces, you can make a woven keepsake including, butterflies, flowers or a fish for just $5! 
Home consultants can now host a show in the Longaberger Family home with special perks!

The Crawford Barn will now have all of the sale merchandise from the Homestead store (expect prices 30-75% off)
new baskets at the Homestead with various trim colors!
The Longaberger Clothing store in Dresden has closed, all of the clothing can now be found int he Patio Shops

The Crawford Barn now has a BBQ restaurant
Hand dipped ice cream is BACK (with pizza too) all on the 2nd floor of the Crawford Barn
The bakery in the Homestead shop now hosts a starbucks

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