Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uses for the Little Market

Hey Ya'll

The new flag basket is based on the size and shape of the Little Market, which is a great little basket that I use to store bracelets and other small jewlery and pins. This ranks up there with the tea basket for my favorite "catch all" basket. 

 So today I bring you some other uses for the Little Market/ Flag Basket

- As I said this basket is the same size as the Little Market or the Home Office 10th anniversary basket, so keep that in mind if you like to buy non standard protectors or liners.

- Use this basket (WITH A PROTECTOR) for your every day cosmetics, moisturizor, eyeliner and foundation, chapstick or lipstick, this puts everything that you need to get out of the house in one place   

- If you like working on Needlework or Cross Stitch, this basket holds your work, floss, and needles. 

- Holds remote control(s) and TV guide

- We have one on the desk to keep Cd's they fit really nicely in this basket. 

-Hold on to hair "doo hickies" as a little girl I know refers to them

- Fits neatly into the center console of most vehicles, keep hand sanitizer, chapstick and a small bottle of lotion in it. 

- Use it by the door to hold your keys, change or anything small you want to remember

- Plant herbs or flowers in it and put it in your windowsill (please remember a protector!)

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