Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Collectors Club Gathering- Camp Collectors Club

Hi ya'll, I have some information for you about Camp Collectors club which is an event held in April for collectors club members. The Gathering theme is Camp Collectors Club and they'll be participating in traditional activities along. Last year's theme was a Hoedown, which looks like it was a LOT of fun! It's held up at the Homestead on April 25th and there is some awesome stuff available for Club Members ONLY!
Some of the Swag available ONLY at Camp Collectors Club:
(click images to make them larger)

(Lady Bug Make a Basket- included in Registration Cost)
(Charter Member exclusive RED birdhouse, Boat Basket, Lady bug make a basket, Backpack basket, and the bag that Lunch comes in, a Lady bug Fabric Backpack!)
If you're interested, contact me for information on Collectors Club Registration!
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