Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Easter Basket

I don't know about you, but I think that some of the actual "easter" baskets by Longaberger, are just a little bit impractical, and don't fit into my family's tradition. So we don't really use actual "Easter Baskets" we use other Longaberger baskets that fit all of the goodies my mom likes to put in them (yes I am almost 20, and yes my mom does still make me an easter basket, she also still makes my 32 year old sister one)

The basket that has become my Easter Basket recently is the Lunchbox (retired), mainly because it was a graduation present and is one of the "design-a-basket" baskets, with little music note tacks and my High School's colors. Very personal, very cute, currently you have to order 5 identical baskets to do Design A Basket but my mother may have ordered it as a sample or something... This fits the stuff that my mom usually likes to put in my basket, usually a dvd or a computer game, candy, a chocolate egg, some toe socks, some pens and some kind of gadget (my father was very jealous of the laser pointer pens that my little sister and I got last year).

Some other really great baskets that are current that make great easter baskets, my basic criteria for an easter basket: be approximately 10-12 inches and have a handle. Because you need to be able to carry it, and it needs to fit some goodies into it. 

From the Fall Wishlist-
  • Spring Basket, I believe this is the one that my younger sister uses. it's a really great size for a kids basket and after easter it's very versatile (it also debuted at my older sister's wedding as a flower girl basket)
  • Oval Spring Basket- Same deal as the Spring Basket, but really cute because it's oval, just more egg like. 
Spring/Summer Wishlist (btw, if you want one click here)
  • Botanical Weave Spring Basket- Great size, great handle, and the green and blue weaves look springy, without being overly pastel and girly, so it's great for a young man!
  • Small Oval Gathering, A little less traditional shape, shorter but longer, it can still make a very cute basket

If you'd like to add Longaberger to your Easter Tradition, check out MyShop

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