Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mother's Day Basket Ideas

Hey ya'll, The Mother's day basket is the great buy in the March Flyer*

The Mother's day products are:
a. Mother's day set, includes basket, liner and protector for $69
b. Set 2 includes Basket Liner and Protector ($49)
c. Gift bag with zipper ($18) or you can add it to either of the sets (a or b) for only $10
(you can view bigger images here)

As usual with Longaberger, this basket is very versatile
- use it to hold jewelry, as a cute gift idea, one sibling could by the basket, another might pick up a nice bracelet to go inside.
- The Homestead makes a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement that fits perfectly in the basket, and coordinates the color wonderfully! (if you want to purchase this arrangement go to MyShop and click on "shop the Homestead online and Factory store" on the left hand side) I know this would look really good in my dorm room, we don't have a whole lot of room and this basket is small enough to fit on the coffee table to combat the bleakness.
- Use it to hold change or lunch money for the day for the little ones
- Fill it with lip gloss and a few barettes for a spectacular little girl gift
- keep bobby pins together in the bathroom (or cotton balls, or q-tips)
- Find a tiny bottle of lotion, a tea light candle, and a little ball of bath beads, and some nail polish a mini spa treatment (and a cute one at that!)

If you just want to buy one for your mom, why don't you and your siblings sign the lid? or write some cute messages on the gift bags, the important thing with any gift is to make it personal. You might include a little poem inside the basket along with a tiny picture or locket, for some ideas about poems or quotes for mothers day go to

-Happy Mother's Day
*The flyer is very graphic intensive and may take a few minutes to load
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