Friday, January 9, 2009

What's the Buzz??? NEW LONGABERGER!!!!

     What's the Buzz??? A big Longaberger Event for Branch Leaders and National Sales leaders, where the Springs new products are unveiled! It's going on right now and I have some secret leaks for you!
These pictures are ones that my fabulous Branch Leader (I call her mom, cus she is my mom) sent to me!

Some names might not be the same as what it actually ends up being, won't know that until we see the new wishbooks.


1. LadyBug and Butterfly Baskets, the ladybug I actually just saw in the Signatures Magazine, which is the Collectors Club Magazine, These may be event basket (but that's just speculation) The Lady Bug basket is with the "camp collectors club" stuff in the Magazine...
2. This is a "measuring bowl" check out the nifty Measuring Lines on the inside!
3. This was labelled as a National Sales Leader Bag, not sure what the red bag is, it was labelled as a collectors club purse.
4. New Pottery Pattern, Colors, as well as Liners to match, great for summer! Cabana Stripe!
5. Something I am INCREDIBLY Excited about! Botanical Fields Pottery!!!!
6. My little sister is going nuts over these, they match the other baskets in her room (Buds and Blossom) These are going to be the Mother's Day Baskets, also, in the background of the first pic, you can see a new totebag.
7. This was sent labelled as a Heritage Basket, labelled as the "Tami" basket, this peppermint-esque basket was also labelled as a Tammy Basket... not sure..
8. Birdhouse Topper, Looks neat, I'm not sure that I personally want birds in my basket... but I'm sure some will be happy to put together two obsessions! (this basket is also viewed in the earlier picture with the botanical plates)
9. Oddly shaped Dish with handles, nifty!
10. "Blue Jean Basket" Purse, I really like the colors on this one, but It unfortuatly doesn't really match my style :(
11. Mystery Baskets- Darkly Colored almost checkered patterns in what LOOKS to be leather, the other picture is a random rack of baskets, not sure what they are, there is a rumor that they are Make A Baskets...
12. Proud to Be an American? This is actually the "Swoop Basket" I have no idea what that means, but- here it is, lol, The Swoop Basket is the top basket and I'm not sure what the bottom one is called, Mom thinks it might be a bread basket type deal or a serving basket, but that's just a guess.
The new line will have the JW weave pattern around the edges and the Traditional Longaberger 4 petaled flower thing (kudos to anyone who tells me what that's called...) There are whispers of the new pottery being made in Arizona, as that's where some of the collectors club pottery is made.
14. These are all new baskets, AND if you look at the napkins the new  blue fabrics, not sure what the basket up by that wrought iron spoon thing, it's a round basket with two swing handles, (or it would appear) also I believe that vase either decoration or one of those masters studio baskets) You can also see pottery with handles!
15.  ALSO Revealed at the Buzz is a new Leadership position called Team Leader, to be a team leader you need 4 recruits, Team Leaders will recieve 3% commissions!
 I don't have a picture of this...
 I'll Add more if anything new pops up!
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Julie From Inmates said...

Thanks for sharing those!!! Unfortunately my branch leader is another state and I don't really communicate a lot with her. I love the blue/yellow stripe liners. That matches my great room perfectly. I also really like the botanical fields pottery although it doesn't match my stuff. =)

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