Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some More Buzz Updates!

Got an email from one of the Team Leaders in my area, telling all of the awesome things in more detail.
The New Pottery Line will be called "American Home Pottery"
it is all MADE IN THE USA and will be manufactured in West Virginia near Wheeling.
It is described as having "clean lines" regarding the glaze, color and design. The braid on the outside is taken from JW's Cake Basket (he braided twine on the band and attached handles with 3 tacks)
The new Pottery will be available March 1st
10" Dinner plate $34
9" luncheon plate $30
23 ounce soup & salad $20
12 oz mug $20
Or you can get a 4 pc. place setting for $104

Because this pottery is Handcrafted, it will be on extended delivery 6-8 weeks.

"American Celebrations Collection"
(All that Red White and Blue stuff)
It will be available in the Spring and Summer Wishlist (Until August 31st).

Baskets will be Red (matching paprika OR the Tomato) with white washed and blue Weaves.
(sorry for the grainy picture it's from someone's blackberry)
This pattern will coordinate with 2 new woven traditons pottery peices!
Also introduced is the Swoop design (the above and below pictures)
Botanical Collection
(eep I love this!!!)
Spring and Summer Wishlist Only :(
"A favorite fabric of 10 years, grows up!"
A 3 section dish with botanical flowers on the inside of the bowl, sage colors on the outside of the dish. ($45)
Set of 4 luncheon plates ($60)
There will also be baskets with cornflower blue and leaf green upsplints (I'll try to find a picture for ya'll) that will be available in the Large Boardwalk, Oval Spring & Medium Serving
(And there will also be a new shape! Small Square Serving!)
New Swoop Pottery Collection-
the core stains plus cornflower and black in the baskets. (blue will only be in the Spring and Summer wishlist) Pottery bowl and pottery tray available in all solid colors.
Cabana Blue Stripe
This NEW fabric will be available for all core liners
And it will compliment the new bright cornflower fabric (the predominant darker shade of blue in the fabric)
New Pottery!
Large bowl (lvl 3 booking)
small bowls (2) available to everyone.
(also these striped bowls!)
NEW wrought iron:
-3 section Utensil caddy
-Serving stand
Media Rack DVD's etc
March Features the Mother's Day basket
The Utensil rack is in the top left
The Mother's Day Basket
available in March, the lid has pink flowers and the basket has a jewelry bag liner, there is also a Mother's Day Gift Bag
Father's Day baskets
available in April
Khaki Stripe "Keeper basket"
(supposedly likea cracker basket with taupe White Wash and Black weaves)
There will also be a Khaki stripe mail and bill basket (supposed to fit the recharge center) In the same colors.
(you can see some of the new "swoop" pottery shape as well)
For Collectors Club Members:
The 4th (and Final) basket of the "Heritage Series" Tami's Basket, including a journal.
The Bird Ornament will be the Eastern Bluebird (New Yorks State Bird)
And The Birdhouse Basket Set
Other Pottery:
3 Star shaped plates (1 each cornflower, paprika, ivory) $25
Measuring Cup!! (3 cup)
3 part server $35 (3 dessert bowls together)
Other New Baskets:
Potluck Basket-
fits the Pie Plates, Pie cover, and the Medium Tip and Mix medium, AND the 2qt casserole. 2 swing handles..
(the basket next to the utensil holder)
Returning is the Bee for FREE program if a consultant sells $350 each month the BEE is FREE!
Sponsoring: Free Kit!
$49, $169 and $399
Have $3,000 guest sales in your first 90-days
And the company will refund the price of your kit!
For those In the MyDream program-
keep earning points until June 30!
(ps. Mom said she has some more pictures... I'll post em when I get em!)
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