Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Serve Up A Show!

This is a Show idea using the Large Serving Basket. 
Take your Serving basket and fill it with several items, make them easy to remember ones. During the Show you will have the basket covered with 2 napkins. At some point in the show, show the guests what is in the baskets (take only about 1-2 minutes) recover the basket and then have them write down on a peice of paper what they can remember. 

Some ideas: 
Bud Vase with flowers in them (extra points if they write what kind of flowers, make it something easy, roses or daisys)
Wish list
Collectors Club Miniature basket, 
Show invitations, 
Booking Basket, 
other small longaberger items, napkins, grippers, tie-on's, travel mug, etc. 
American flag or something americana
Something Pink
A hammer

the person with the most points wins. Give them a prize (if you wish)

Now explain that your whole show is on that tray!
I would order your show like this
-Introduction (thank everyone for coming, introduce yourself to everyone including how you got into Longaberger, and why Longaberger is so awesome!)
-Play the game
-Explain that you are going to do your whole show from that tray. 
1. Something Rustic and American (flag, wood block) - Longaberger Baskets are American made, the home office is in Dresden Ohio, Founded by Dave Longaberger in 1973. 
2. Something Pink- The annual Horizon of Hope Campaign has raised more than $12 million for breast cancer research with the American Cancer society
3. Hammer- baskets made from hardwood maple, double splints for durability, each basket is signed and dated. 
4. Mug, Bud Vase (something pottery)- Pottery looks great with the baskets (9x13 baking dish fits the medium market basket) all of it's, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, easy to use, bazillion different colors. 
5. Show invites- Longaberger is a homeshow company, talk about the benefits of hosting a homeshow
6. Booking basket- why book a show today? 
(use others as you see fit, what will fit into your show and your style?)
7. Contract, or picture of you at the bee.. - why should they join Longaberger?

Thank the hostess again for letting you talk about your obsession, remind guests that they can join for as little as $49
Hand out your wishlists and flyers, talk to each guest with questions etc. 

This can be a great idea if you don't have a whole lot of space for a big show, or if you just need a quick show. 


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