Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wanna Do What I do?

Wouldn't you love it if you could meet great friends, work in a party environment, and get free stuff and earn money?
Then you should come sell Longaberger with me!

I mean look at it logically-
1. You love Longaberger (well I'll assume you do, because you read this far, and came to this blog) so you'll be sharing your love with great friends and family.
2. You'll get free stuff, namely Longaberger, which you love (see number 1)
3. Longaberger fits into anyones schedule. Don't have time to do home shows? Become a book show queen (or king!) With Longaberger you'll get to spend so much more time with your family and friends, shoot, you can network and advertise your business by bringing your blankets and water bottle to your kids soccer game in a Large Boardwalk Basket!
4. You'll get to meet new people! Longaberger helps you connect with folks in your area looking for a consultant through Longaberger Leads. Not only will you meet new people though, you'll get closer to the people in your community by sharing your business with them, who knew that the lady at the post office loves Longaberger and owns 5 baskets but wants more?
5. You'll make money, you and I both know, the economy BITES right now. You can join Longaberger for as little as $49 which gets you everything you need to get started, And even if Longaberger doesn't work out for you (I can't imagine why it wouldn't!) You get a bunch of free product!

6. You won't be alone, so many "work at home" schemes and the other stuff like it, leave you off on your own, with no one to help you or support you along the way. When you join Longaberger there is always someone ready to help you, whether they be your Branch Leader, your Team Leader or your Sponsor, Even the folks at tech support are pretty nice (well ok, they have their bad days too, but they're only human! I will say, they hire locally and the call center office is in AMERICA)

7. You know you'll be getting great ideas, deals, and recipes directly from me in your email! Even ones that I don't put up on my Blog!

So if you're interested, give me a holler

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