Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to have a successful book show

How to use book shows to your advantage-

Book shows have their advantages and their disadvantages- on the one hand you’re getting orders (always a good thing) but on the other hand, you don’t have one on one contact with your customer’s friends so there is a limited chance to get bookings or to talk up your product. All in all though, it’s important to encourage your hostesses to have both home show’s and book shows, whichever matches her (or his!) style and availability, and if your hostess has a successful book show, they might just bite at the offer of a home show!

So what’s a home consultant to do? 

  1.      Coach your hostess before the show; give her ideas about what products are out in this month’s flyer or wish-list. Some examples, “be sure to pass on the word that this month’s special is..”
  2.         Sit down or Phone your hostess and look at the catalog together, have her pick out the items that she wants free or half price, then calculate how much she needs to sell to achieve her dream. If it seems like a large amount, put it in terms of product (if you sell 5 of these, your good to go!)
  3.     Have the hostess make a list of her friends and families so she makes sure she gets everyone.
  4.     Don’t let the book show drag on forever! Make sure she knows exactly when the flyer’s end date is so she doesn’t miss any possible sales.
  5.      Don’t let possible bookings get away! Make sure your hostess knows about the fabulous booking gifts the company offers and how to get them!
  6.     Don’t leave your hostess hanging! Be sure to give her a call every now and then, to be sure she has plenty of flyers and books, and to answer any possible questions she might have. You can also make sure that she’s not getting discouraged because she’s not getting the orders she thought she would..
  7.      how have you made book shows work for you? Leave a comment so others can share your success!

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