Monday, January 26, 2009

Mmm Mmm Monday- Dirty Dessert

This is a recipe I used to LOVE at girl scout events! It's Dirt Dessert, Basically it's food made to look like dirt in a flower pot, we always made it in a plastic bag, but it looks really nice in a flower pot!

The New Longaberger Flower Pot is a booking gift only.

- 2 packages Chocolate or Vanilla Pudding (chocolate looks more Dirty, but Vanilla tastes better to me) Or you can cheat and use the oreo pie filling mix pudding (I won't tell)
- Oreos
-12 oz Cool Whip
-Gummy Worms and/or silk flowers

Make the Pudding According to the directions, Fold Cool Whip in with pudding.

In a plastic bag wrapped in a towel, crunch up the oreos

In a CLEAN flowerpot, use a whole oreo or a marshmallow to plug the hole in the bottom. Layer Pudding and Oreos. Add in Gummy worms to some of the layers and have a few popping over the top, Add flowers to the top for a cute effect.

This makes a neat spring dessert or a great kids party treat.

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