Friday, January 23, 2009

Dresden Village IGA Destroyed in Fire

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Had a news article sent to me telling of the Fire which occurred Thursday morning. The Dresden Village IGA was the only Grocery store in Dresden and the building had been providing it's services for nearly 50 years, first as an A&P then as the IGA. The building was once owned by Dave Longaberger, but was sold to the Vansickle family in the 80's.

Three local fire departments helped battle the blaze, dropping local reservoir levels to the point that authorities almost had to close local schools to ease demands on the supply. No foul play is suspected, accidental causes  are being looked into but haven't been yet determined.

Tami Longaberger was saddened by the loss to the community, she worked as a teenager as a cashier and stock girl with her Aunts and Father, Dave Longaberger.

Thankfully no one was injured, but the community has lost a very important building both in its pantries and its hearts.

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