Friday, January 23, 2009

Poker Party

Hi ya'll this is a fun party idea I've been to a part set up like this and it was awesome.Basically the idea is a Poker Party, send out invitations with a playing card on it, (or 2 if it's a very small group) once folks come to your party their goal is going to be win more cards and get the best poker hand they can.

Customers get a playing card for things like:
bringing a friend (if that's acceptable, we did it at an open house, your hostess may want a controlled number)
winning games (like a word scramble or something small)
turning in a show (open house)
ordering baskets
bringing food
booking a show

For those who don't play poker regularly you can check out which tells you what hands are best, you may include it with invites.

Consultants, try it, Hostesses, tell your consultants to try it!

Oh PS Longaberger has playing cards you can by from the Homestead Online
American Stars Playing Cards
Botanical Fields Playing cards 
Horizon of Hope Playing Cards 
I think these links will take you to the Homestead Online under my name, if not please look me up?
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