Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneak Peek at the Wishlist & More Buzz-

Hi everyone, Just got done going through the new Spring/Summer Wishlist! Yet another perk of living with a Branch Leader ;)

The Wishlist is very cleanly designed, the cover features an All American Girl with the New Swoop basket filled with rasberries, blackberries and blue berries (the basket is sans protector as my Mom pointed out)

Every Item that is Made in the USA is marked with a flag.

New Wishlist is available online now, goes from March-August
It features the following "themes"
-Paper Plastic or Basket (A "green" theme)
-Mix and Match Protectors (AWESOME section)
-Celebrating America
-Girls Club (Pretty much serving ideas for parties)

Free Kit!
Sell $3000 in your first 90 days and your kit is free!

March Flyer-
Save $20 on the Potluck Basket
Mothers Day basket is avalailable
Hostess only deal- Swoop Bowl Bundle for $50 (or Potluck basket)
Mothers Day Bag $10 with Mothers Day Basket

Collectors Club Only
-Eastern Bluebird Ornament
-Birdhouse basket set
-Bracelet + 2009 Gathering Charm
-Tami Longaberger Heritage Series with Journal (Midsize between Library and Journal Basket)

Wishlist Stuff-

New To Go Pattern, Light blue with a brown stripe, (horizontal nylon bands, wooden splints)

American Celebrations
Swoop Bowl and Tray In Red White and Blue
! Due to it's shape the swoop baskets must be supported from the bottom !
Star Pottery Plates in Red White and Blue
New Light blue fabrics
Blue with White and Red Stars

Hostess Exclusives:
Flower Pot Basket
Blue Jean Basket (To Go Purse)
Woven Traditions Flower Pots
Large Cabana Blue Stripe Large Bowl

AND of course the New Amerian Home Pottery
New pottery line of Fine Dinnerware, all made in America In West Virginia.
It features a twine braid around the edges that is representative of the braid that JW used on his fancy baskets.
The sturdy 3 tack design JW used to secure stationary handles is featured on the details under the pottery handles.
The 4 petal Longaberger design is on the outside of everything so it will tie in with other pottery.
Made in America is prominently displayed on the outside of everything and the top of the plates.

My Wishlist- (favorite things)
-Utensil Caddy, it's awesome, I want one for my stovetop!
- Media Rack, it will add extra shelves to my desk, I need them for my books.
-Botanical Fields Pottery- I want more of it!
- Measuring bowl, Fill that sucker with my mom's homemade soup, awesomeness!

Least Favorite things-
- Why is that Triangle Bowl 2 layered Wrought Iron stand thing back? It is the least sturdy thing in the entire catalog!
- There is a new 2 tiered Wrought Iron stands. It looks just as teetery as the one for the triangle bowls.
- Introduction of black stain for Spring... Not sure on that one, I LIKE black (my two favorite colors are Hot Pink and Black) and I'm just not feeling it.

Bee 2009 Dates:
Homecoming- July 29 - August 1
Reunion- August 1-4

Homestead opens for the season March 20

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