Monday, January 12, 2009

More 09 Buzz

I promised in the last entry that I'd put up some more Buzz Info, but the other post kinda got too long. This ties in with the other post too though!

New Booking gifts
Large Cabana Stripe Bowl
Business Card Basket
Flower Pot
Business Card Basket
Flower Pot Basket
Pillar Candle
Spreader Set
Botanical Fields Bedding
(I like some of it)
(it's mainly the quilt i like)
This New Stand
(why yes, it does look like the triangle bowl stand. which is the least sturdy item in the catalog, I'll have to see this one in action before i give it my stamp of approval)
Outside Color of Botanical Fields Pottery
(it's sage green)
Swoop Baskets In Natural Colors
(and Swoop Pottery Too)
The one on the left is the "swoop Bowl"
The one on the Right is the "swoop tray" (it has a basket too)
Heritage Days is September 11-12 this year
And this is the Make a Basket for that!
Spring Garden Basket Mystery!
This Basket Says it's a "Spring Garden Basket" but I can't find heads nor tails of it in the wishbook. Not sure when or where we'll be seeing this fellow again, but it looks like an overlarge flowerpot basket.
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