Thursday, January 15, 2009

How can Longaberger Help The Planet

One of the new topics in the Wishbook and the Notebook is "Paper, Plastic, Or Basket". Which is a set of ideas all about helping the environment with, well, baskets!

This is part of the "Go Green" message which should be pretty easy to bring in a little something to every show.

Today I bring you some ideas that you can use, either as a hostess, or a consultant, or just a lover of baskets.

First off, by using your basket not only as an-eco friendly shopping basket, you are also advertising your business, what better way to tell people how usable and strudy Longaberger is than by actually using it in your every day life!

You're saving money in the long run by buying Longaberger instead of plastic bowls and dishes that are going to get stained the first time you microwave some pasta sauce in them, use longaberger pottery instead, it's freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe! Longaberger Protectors and lids are dishwasher safe (the newer ones, not so sure about the older flimsier ones)

You're helping lower the emission and use of gas by buying Longaberger Protectors, Baskets, Woodcrafts, and collectors club products (as well as some of the pottery now!) because they are made in America, NOT overseas. If you or a customer has any questions about whether what they are buying is Made In the USA the new Wishbook, fabulously displays an american flag stamp next to all items made here in the states.

Environmentally, Longaberger uses selective harvesting to minimize the impact of basket production. I can't recall what method of replanting they use right now, but I'm 99% positive they do.

No matter what you do with your Longaberger, It'll look fabulous doing it, so why not let it be Super Basket and save the world too?

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