Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get Organized!

Hey Everyone-
Today's post is about an organization tip for consultants.

I've designed a sheet to keep track of your customer info, print out a bunch and put them in a 3 ring binder. If you don't want to use a sheet like I've designed you could also use large index cards and keep them in the recipe basket.

To open my customer organization sheet click here

The information that I feel is important to keep track of are:

The basics like Name, address, phone number, email address, these are good to have on hard copy because even though the email addresses are in your email sometimes technology goes wrong.

Information about their collecting: Keep track of what basket stains they collect and what pottery colors they use so that if there is a sale you know- hmm I should call her, or hey I just found this awesome deal on ebay, I should shoot over an email.

Important dates- save hubby some embarassment, call him before her birthday and say "hey Joe, I know Laura's birthday is coming up, there's a great sale this month on eggplant loaf dishes, would you be interested?" (can you imagine if your hubby suprised you with Longaberger on your anniversary?)

The Extra Notes section is for anything else you might want to add in, maybe retired products they're looking for or the fact that they're a collectors club member.

*Bonus Note: If you pop the sheets in a clear page protector before adding it into your binder, you can erase things like "looking for 2000 easter basket" after you found it for her.

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