Thursday, January 29, 2009

2/28 Retired List

This is the list of baskets that will be retired as of February 28, 2009, complete your sets while you still can! Contact me with an order or hit MyShop

*edit: 2-12 it has come to my attention that I made this a bit unclear, I think I posted this late at night (oops) and it's really not clear how I posted this. All items are individual, even though for example I say "Small Oval Bowl Basket and protector" I don't mean that they are sold as a set I mean that the bowl basket and protector are both retiring. 

-Hope this clears everything up-

Traditional Baskets:
Small Oval Bowl Basket and Protector
Oval Bowl Basket and Protector
Small Wall Pocket Basket, Liner, and protector
Small Waste Basket protector, and lid

Longaberger To Go
Backpack Basket
Large Tote Basket with carrying handles in Grey Brown with Taupe
Large Tote Protector
Tall Tote Basket with Straps (Grey Brown with Taupe)
Tall Tote Protector
Pocket Liners (8x8)

Tie Ons
2008 Baby Tie On

Collectors Club
2008 Member Basket
2008 Member Liner (CC stripe)
2008 Member Protector
2008 member Wood Crafts Lid with knob
2008 Gathering Charms (set of 2)
May series Sweept Pea, tie on and free silk florals (ended in December)
May Series Sweat Pea Liner and Protector

Woven Reflections 5" Bowl
Woven Reflections 9" Bowl
Woven Reflections Compote Bowl
Woven Reflections Server
Woven Reflections Small Vase
Woven Traditions 20 piece dinnerware set (Available in Ivory, Classic Blue and Traditional Red only)
Woven Traditions Soft Square Bread Plate (Set of 2)
Woven Traditions Tea Party Set

Wrought Iron
Bookcase and shelves
Dogwood Nested Plant Stand (and Shelves)
Napkin Holder
Narrow Wall Rack (and shelves)
Organizational Unit (and Shelves)
Paper Towel Holder
Side Table (and Shelves)

Hostess and Booking
4" American Work Basket (and Protector, and Lid)
4" American Work Basket Set (and Protector, and Lid)
Woven Traditions 3 piece canister set
Longaberger To Go XL tote basket (grey Brown with Taupe)
Dogwood nested plant set and wood craft shelves

Baskets and Accessories (seasonal colors- Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Deep Brown, Olive, Merlot)
Small Fruit (set, Liner and protector)
Teaspoon Basket (Liner and Protector)
Small Vegetable (Liner and Protector)

Christmas Stuff
2008 Wrap it up Red (Liner and protector, and lid
Wrap it up Green (Liner and protector, and lid)

Traditional baskets and accessories
Harvest Bread Basket (and Autumn Path Liner)
Harvest Buffet Basket (and Autumn Path Liner)
Harvest buffet lided protector
Harvest small oval gathering (and Autumn Path Liner)
Bright Multi Color Cake Basket with Small Riser
Cake Wood Crafts Lid in Sage
Multi Color Triangle Bowl basket (large and small)
Large Wreath Basket
Large Wreath Protector
Medium Wreath Basket, protector and 4 way divided protector
Masters studio centerpiece.

Tie Ons and Accessories
Fall Foliage Tie On
2008 Christmas Tie On
Holiday Garland

Collectors Club
Acorn Basket Set with Free Oak Leaf Stand
Dave Longaberger Heritage Series Basket, Liner, Protector and Lid

Fabric Accessories
Autumn Path Reversible placemats (set of 2)
Autumn Path Napkins Set of 2
All the Trimmings Reversible Placemats (set of 2)
All the Trimmings Napkins (set of 2)

Pottery and Stoneware
Bright multi color small bowls (set of 2)
Bright Multi Color Large bowl
All the trimmings plates (set of 4)
All the Trimmings Mugs (set of 4)
All the Trimmings Platter
Woven Traditions Divided Dish (paprika and Ivory)

Filled Hurricane Candle
Longaberger Splint Candle by WoodWick
1 Pint Pillar Candle

Wrought Iron
Fireplace screen
Log Rack
Over the Door Wreath Holder

Hostess and Booking
Bright Multi Color Village Basket
Village Protector
Holiday Hostess (Large Wrap It UP Basket -red/green and liner and protector
Harvest 4" bowl basket, set, Protector, Lid
Bright Multi Color 2 Qt Pitcher

Get em while you can folks! Either email me with an order, put it on my myshop, whatever you need to do!

(Also, if anyone is interested in getting wishbooks or flyers sent to them, email me The new March wishbooks are available RIGHT NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Do you still have the Bright multi-color Village Basket protector?

Thanks for responding! Beth

Anonymous said...

Acorn Basket Set with Free Oak Leaf Stand
Please contact me with the cost of this item.
Thank you,

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