Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrapping Tips!

Ok- It's that time of year. The Wrapping Time.
My mother has this tradition of staying up until 4 in the morning to wrap presents on christmas eve. Whichever child happens to be home at that point, and doesn't still believe in Santa Claus at this time gets wrangled into helping. Mind you- I usually don't mind because I always somehow manage to get a present early...

SO anyways- my point is- we know how to wrap- The outside observer may not believe that we know where everything is, and we may has 7 times for the scissors, but it never starts that way, because we use our fabulous Longaberger Baskets!

Market Basket- We have a Large Market Basket with a divided protector (Technically the one we use is one that we had made when she had a weaver come to a craft fair we were set up at, so it's natural with a stationary handle) This has a bunch of bows in it as well as some tape and scissors and more tape, and an extra pair of scissors and some name tags. This is great, if we decide to wrap at the table, we can, if we decide to wrap on the floor (which we do traditionally) We just grab it and go!

Berry Basket- Take the protector out, Take some curling ribbon and thread the ends through the weaves, Now your curling ribbon isn't curling all over the place! you just pull off what you need, and it's not all tangled up and nasty!

Umbrella Basket- you can stick wrapping paper rolls in it when you're not using them.. this doesn't help during the actual "wrapping" but- it's a nice thought!

SO there we have it- 3 baskets that will help you wrap christmas presents!

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