Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Christmas Gifts

OK, it's December 23rd, the shopping malls are packed, and you forgot to get something for that someone. You know that person, your mother in law, your sister, your neighbor who won't let you live it down if you don't get them something. Or perhaps it's just that person that you completely hate buying for because they've got everything! What do you do?

Step 1: Take a Fabulous Longaberger® Mug (square, round, or travel) or even a small crock or a tumbler, (the ideal thing with these is- they come in sets, you can break them apart and use them the next time you forget something)
Step 2: Fill them with stuff!

For the Ladies:
- Make a nail care cup using a mug or crock, fill with a neutral color nail polish, small tube of lotion, small bottle of polish remover, shove it in a small bag and be done with it.
-Winter care- chapstick, hand cream, pair of nice gloves. This can sit by the door as a winter emergency beauty kit

For The Guys:
- My dad is forever forgetting where his glasses are- why not put an eyeglass cleaning cloth and some eyeglass spray in a travel mug? It will fit glasses with a soft case in it perfectly! and It's got a handy handle to carry around the house.
- Put some nice hot chocolate or tea into a mug and perhaps a nice chocolate covered spoon (melt some chocolate bits on the stove and dip a plastic spoon in- allow to cool)

For a Kid:
-Take the hot cocoa idea from the guys part and add in some marshmallows or sprinkles- now they have their very own mug! (which was the highlight of my childhood)
- Paint kit! take some watercolor paint and a paintbrush, drive their mom bonkers with artistic genius!

-Just a few ideas using one product, maybe they'll save your holidays! Stumble Delicious Technorati Twitter Facebook


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