Friday, December 12, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Show

This is a fun idea if you have a hostess who has a lot of baskets around her house and who doesn't care if people tramp all around it.

Section off a few rooms in your hostesses house that feature a few products (perhaps, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room and maybe the bedroom) You might even bring a few items yourself to add in- perhaps some new ones that your hostess hasn't purchased yet.. but when she sees that multicolored cake basket on her end table she might just jump on it!

Some ideas you might consider-
-Have each person bring the basket back with them to the "show room" and tell everyone where they found it and what was in it/how it was used
- Have people suggest a basket that might be better suited (instead of using the vanity basket what if you used a small bakers rack and....)
- Have the guests say how they use the basket in their home (My hostess had the tea basket on her bedside table for her glasses at night, but I use the tea basket in the kitchen to hold tea bags!)

For a new hostess- Bring the products you would bring normally, have the guests take one or two baskets and put them in your hostesses home where they think they'd look best, make sure they remember where they put them and take a tour around her home and each guest can tell where the product is and why it works there.

This isn't for every show, but it's something that's a little bit different and works well for folks you've done shows with many times before. Maybe they've seen the tea basket a million times before but never saw it on a bedside table and that will inspire them to get it.

(in case your wondering, yes I do use a tea basket on my bedside table to hold my glasses)
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