Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Surviving the Bee 101

Less than 60 days till Bee 2009, i'm excited! I'll have lots of great info and pictures to share with you! Today I'd like to share some things you should remember to bring to make your shopping a little easier

Things to bring:

Bottle of water- you can refill it for free!

If your hotel has a continental breakfast, bring some Ziploc baggies, you can put muffins or fruit in them for snacks while you’re on the go

Photo id and registration confirmation

Extra suitcase for purchases

Emergency sewing kit

Fun PJ’s that won’t scare your roommate

I will be bringing my laptop so I can kind of live blog from the event and upload pictures as I take them, this is up to you though.

Things to carry in your purse, I recommend cleaning your purse before you go, no sense in carrying things you don’t need that you carry daily at home, carry what you need, not what you might need.


Small First Aid Kit: Bandaids NeoSporin, Small blister kit (moleskin is great), some kind of pain reliever, also, inhaler or any other emergency meds you might need, make sure someone you’re travelling with knows if you have any severe allergies or medical needs

Business cards, you can exchange contact info with folks you meet J

Pad of paper and pen/pencil so you can take notes to bring back to recruits and customers (also, keep track of items that you want that might be available elsewhere, some of the Dresden shops carry the same items)

Camera, new products to be unveiled, you’ll want evidence! Also, these will show how much fun you had so you can get more of your group to come next year, make sure you go over the manual if it’s a new camera

Small fold up umbrella, sudden rain showers happen often

One of those bag grippers so you can carry your bags a little easier

Cell phone, I usually keep mine clipped to my belt, or in my pocket, it doubles as a way to get in touch with folks I’m travelling with, as well as an alarm, when I’m travelling I set my phone alarms to go off when I have to be someplace.

An envelope for receipts

Small calculator to calculate prices

I'll have more Bee Survival Classes as the month progresses!


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