Friday, May 29, 2009

June Specials and Sales

Hi ya'll, just wanted to clue you in about Sales and Specials for the Month of June, sorry I haven't been terribly active on the site, it's hard finding things to post with dialup!

June 2nd
Factory Store Exclusive (online):
Wrought Iron Napkin Holder
This little gem orignally sold for $22, it can be yours on tuesday for only $10!
Stop by and click on "shop homestead online/factory store" at the left hand side :)

June 3rd Only (online)
Woven Traditions Fluted Cake Pan and Baking Sheet, only $18 each!
As supplies last so get em while their cold, and then put em in your oven to make em hot! (and then send me some cookies, please? I like snickerdoodles ;) )
This is an awesome deal, and if you're interested, hop on over to

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