Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making an Investment for your Home

Often people tell me that Longaberger is just too darn expensive for their wallets these days, and that they can find a similar shaped basket that will get the job done at the dollar store or walmart. But those knock-offs aren't going to get the job done, Many Longaberger baskets from the 1980's and older are still in use in many collector's homes today, yet that cheap basket from walmart will be lucky to last a week, Dave Longaberger had something to say on the matter as well:

"Too often, people try to cut corners and end up spending more and getting less for their money. In the long run, quality pays-even when the dollars are bigger on the front end. In my opinion, it makes good sense to weigh the long-term value against the few measly dollars you'll save in the short term. This advice applies whether you're buying real estate, cars, or computers. Let's say you buy the smallest computer you can find becasue you're only going to type letters on it. It may serve your needs for the next year or two, until you discover it's faster and more efficient to do your bookkeeping on it, too. You end up buying the more expensive model you should have bought the first time around. You can't get your money's worth out of your old computer, and your onetime cost would now look like a real steal. See what I mean?" -Dave Longaberger, page 172, An American Success Story

So, with today's economy hitting your wallet the way it is, why cut corners and have to buy the same thing twice, or more? Get your shopping done right, don't cut corners, Buy Longaberger.

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