Wednesday, June 3, 2009

John Deere Basket 2009

Longaberger has teamed up once again with John Deere to make the 2009 John Deere Basket! This basket is exclusive and features colors any country boy (or girl) will love! This basket is based on the small vegetable form and is great for storing notepads, junk from pockets, daily essentials (phone, pocket knife, wallet, eyeglasses).

You could even use it to keep small toys for your kids. This is a great basket that will serve whatever purpose you can think of. Like all Longaberger baskets, this is made in America by American craftspersons for your American home.

This basket honoring American Farmers and the great American business of John deere is available on home show orders, as well as online at Myshop you can contact me at for more information.


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