Friday, May 1, 2009

Sales for May

May is full of some great deals, I'll be posting some product uses and such for the baskets featured as the month goes on:

From may 1-15 guests and hostesses will receive FREE shipping on shwo orders received May 1-15. These must be ordered through show orders, which can be ordered by emailing me for more information. For products that will be eligible for free shipping you can look at the spring wishlist or the May flyer

The Spring Wishlist:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

May Flyer:
Part 1
Part 2
If you choose to have a show, or collect some orders, for the month of May Longaberger has added more choices for Hostess Half Price rewards at the $350 level: The Woven Traditions 16 piece Starter set in round and square.

Free Sign Up:
Don't forget that May 4th is your chance to join the Longaberger Family FOR FREE + $10 shipping, by paying $10 you will get a Medium Market Basket ($72 value) and all the paperwork to get you started. If you want to try one of the larger kits, they will be $49 off.

For more info on why this is a great business move for you click here and here

Sale on the Pail Baskets
The nautically themed pail baskets are on sale for the month of may, you can save $11 on the small pail set (which puts it at $49) and you can save $15 on the Large Set (which puts it at $109) If you get the Large pail with the lid it's the SAME PRICE as the large set (an extra $4 of savings)
Collectors club members will save an additional $10 in May on the Large Pail with Lid
This basket is available in Bright Cornflower Blue, Warm Brown and Rich Brown.

May Bonus Buys-
Medium gathering Basket just $49
This basket fits the Baking dish or 2qt baking dish beautifully or you can center the large loaf dish with freshly made dip and breads and crackers around, or create a fruit and veggie tray with the 1pt crock or vegetable bowl for dips inside. It is also a great size for magazines, piano music, scrapbooking sheets and catalogs.
Great to carry sheet cakes as well.

One Day Only Sales:
Save 50% on both the Woven Reflections 9" bowl and the Woven Reflections Server for $26 each, these are available only online at MyShop

Factory Store Sales, available by going to MyShop and clicking "shop homestead online and factory store"
For the month of may only there will be no surcharge on pottery purchased in the factory store.
May 5-11: Made In America Pottery Votive Cups, these are pottery votives that were made in America, they are available in cornflower blue, butternut yellow, paprika red, Ivory and Ivy only, you can mix and match your colors. They will be 2 for $15!
Wreath Baskets April 28-May 4
The Medium Wreath Basket is on sale for $59 (originally $92) the Large is $79 (originally $139)
you can find more uses from my site

Mothers Day Treasure- May Series Daffodil Basket.
This basket was developed to honor Grandma Bonnie our founder's mother, a portion of the sales will go to the Grandma Bonnie Fund to help alleviate Hunger in Muskgingham county OH
On sale for $59 originally $90

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