Saturday, April 25, 2009

Join the Longaberger Family For FREE (May 4th)

May 4th Longaberger will be hosting a(nother) free consultant sign up. The date will be on May 4th, should you as a Longaberger Lover choose to sign up, you will earn everything you need to start your business, A market Basket and all the paperwork, all you'll be responsible for is the $10 shipping. That's basically a $100 offer, for $10 S&H. It's pretty awesome, and you get to keep the basket. 

Selling Longaberger is a great way to earn extra money, on your time, on your schedule. You'll earn free product, meet lots of new people and have a TON of fun! You'll also begin earning points with the MyDream system which could earn you a free vacation! Also if you qualify by your 30 Day success start date you and I will both earn some American Home Pottery, which is pottery that was designed and made in America by American crafters, it's some amazing pottery. Also you'll be sponsoring products made in America, Made In America Matters and Longaberger supports the American dream. By investing in American Made products the money is returned to the American Economy which creates new jobs and allows your neighbors to keep theirs (It is estimated that every american made product purchased creates 5 more American jobs).

It's a Family Thing
You may have heard about the Longaberger Family, which literally means the direct family of Dave and JW Longaberger who founded the business, Dave's daughter Tammy is the current CEO and her sister Rachel is also a high ranking member of the company handling the Longaberger foundation. The Longaberger family includes all of the consultants, branch leaders, National Sales Leaders and all employees of the Longaberger Company.
For me my Longaberger Family is my Branch, it includes my older sister, my grandmother and my mother (who is my Branch Leader)

By joining our branch you will be part of a fabulous team including several of my family members and close friends who won't let you down, we will support you every step of the way by providing you with business solutions and ideas including home party ideas, recipes, and many other fabulous business ideas to help your business grow and develop to its highest potential. Between my mom and I, we got you covered!

If you or someone you know would like to join my team, please let me know, you can contact me by clicking here


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