Friday, April 17, 2009

crescent roll pot pie

Today's recipe uses the Longaberger Souper mug, or smaller pint crock, you can also use the little custard cups just divide the filling amongst them.

I entered a cooking contest here on campus on Sunday and this is what I made (well actually this picture is my test pie)

and I kind of forgot to take a picture before I tested it. But I hadn't eaten all day so I think that's forgiveable.

But anyways:
you'll need:
(most of these measurements are approximate, I kind of eyeballed it)
(about 1 to 1/2 cup)Chicken Breast that has been boiled and cubed, (skinless and boneless is easiest)
(half can) some cream of chicken soup (condensed)
(half cup) frozen peas and carrots
(teaspoon/tablespoon) onions (can be flakes those little onions, vidalia onions would have been amazing, but i couldn't find any)
A tube of crescent rolls
splash of chicken broth (optional)
(tablespoon) of water

A pinch of salt
an egg

In a saucepan add all the ingrediants except the egg and water, bring to a boil over medium stirring occasionally.
While that's boiling take your longaberger pottery and line the bottom and sides with crescent rolls, I kind of put the larger ends in the bottom and had the pointed tops hanging over the sides, if you are using the custard cups skip this step
once your mixture is hot and stirred together, spoon it into the dishes on top of the crescent roll linings, bring the pointed edges to the center, put one crescent roll on top, you can drape it over the side if you like.
blend the egg and water together and brush this on the crust with a brush or the back of a spoon.

Bake at 400 degrees in the oven for about 11 minutes or until the crust on top is golden.
(let cool a few minutes)
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