Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Day Sale, Sign up for free!

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway: Longaberger Loot, it ends 3-18

Another Online Only One Day Deal (Ooodd?)
6 inch Pie Plates 2 for $16 (yay)
I'm going to get a set, I have a cooking contest coming up at school, I think I'm going to mini chicken pot pies in them using puff pastries on top :) Recipe coming soon :)
Also If you're thinking about signing up to sell Longaberger, now's the time to do it, you can sign up for virtually NO sign up cost. March 17th is the day to create your own luck, a phrase often used by Dave Longaberger, March 17th is the anniversary of Dave's passing, so Longaberger is giving the basic starter kit to anyone who signs up that day for the cost of the Shipping and handling.
This kit includes the Medium Market basket and all the paperwork you need to get started, it's the one I got. You're basically getting a market basket for free, awesome!

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