Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If you can’t say anything nice,

Well, I'm sure you know where the rest of that comment goes, I was raised on that quote, and I think more people need to remember it. Last week I posted about the Longaberger Layoffs and sent my wishes to those affected in Ohio, my sentiments are still true. I've been keeping up with the news in Ohio recently via the Zanesville Times Recorder. I am absolutely saddened at the horrible comments people have been leaving about the Longaberger Company and Tami.

I really feel that in this time, it is important to support the company to its fullest extent. By supporting Longaberger in our daily actions, and words, we can help take Longaberger to new heights. To achieve more fully the dreams that Dave and the Longaberger family as a whole have for the company. By supporting Longaberger we will be able to create more jobs and recall some of the workers who have been laid off to return them to their place as weavers, managers, or wherever they were in the Longaberger company. 

Comments like several of the ones expressed by readers of the Zanesville Times Recorder are not helping anyone. It is completely unnecessary to bash anyone in the company, and the blame cannot be extended to any one person. The commenter hmk01 responds to "Tami bashing" well, I liked the way it was put:

Which of you has had that responsibilty? Which of you has had to make those very tough decisions? I know I have not, and I not only admire and respect Tami for the sacrifices she has made to ensure she continues to support the community, but I applaud her as well.

This is true, and it's also important to realize that Tami can't be everywhere at once, certain day to day operations and decisions will be made by her management staff. Reports will be to her, but the company is just too big for her to manage on her own.

Postive Gal, a former Longaberger employee also had very wise words, she points out that it's not only folks from Ohio that know the full story who read words put online. The words that are put online can't be taken back, words are a reflection of your thoughts, and what you say lead people to make judgments about you. It's important to remember this fact when writing anything, what will your audience think? Positive Gal also says "I had the privilege of working for Dave, he too struggled" any company leader has to make hard decisions in times of trouble, Longaberger included. 

For me, I'm going to hold forward with Janieface's comment:

For those of you who have lost your job, we are your store front. The consultants show and sale your hand crafted work. We need to try harder in these hard times.

– Janie Face

 I'm going to do my best, to see that Longaberger succeeds, because I love Longaberger, and I love America. I love everyone I've met that has been connected with the Longaberger company and I'm sure I'd love their families if I met them. I'm doing my part, I'm being the storefront for the weavers, I'm showing their hard work to everyone I can, and expressing my basket love to everyone that comes across my site. 

To the people who aren't: Keep it to yourself, and off the internet.

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