Friday, February 27, 2009

American Made Products Are Important.

Everyone knows the economy bites right now. If you're not affected then chances are someone you know is. I certainly am lol.

Buying American Made goods like Longaberger helps put money back in the pockets of Americans. The wages these Americans get will be spent in the American economy, which will increase jobs in America. Jobs for you, your kids, and your grandkids. It is estimated that every american manufacturing position produces 3-5 other jobs in America (according to the "hold message" I just heard on the phone with Longaberger). 
Longaberger Baskets and the new line of American Home Pottery are hand made with care and love and skill here in America. Every item that Longaberger makes in America are featured with an American Flag next to the item:
When you see this logo you know that Longaberger is providing jobs for your fellow Americans up in Ohio, as well as your fabulous consultant friends (like me!)
Those who have been up to the Homestead and met some of the weavers and workers up at Longaberger know that they are some awesome people. Unfortunatly even Longaberger has been affected by these troubled times and have faced major layoffs and paycuts (Tami Longaberger cut her own wages by 15%) And my heart goes out to the Longaberger employees affected. It makes me glad to know that the product that I help sell, helps those wonderful Ohio people keep their jobs and feed their families. 
This isn't to guilt anyone into buying anything, I just wanted to say it, because I think it's important to know. 
If you'd like more information on the layoffs, you can check out the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper
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