Friday, February 27, 2009

Longaberger on the road

I'm from northern Virginia, which is a little over 6 hours away from the Homestead (or if you have a crazy driver, it's around 5) which means I've been there every year since my mother began selling (2001-ish) as she takes a bus trip up (which is SO much fun!) in the fall.

Being so close to the homestead is often something that I take for granted, what about all the folks from crazy far away? They can't just take a day trip up to the Homestead if they want to. How do they experience Longaberger in a different way?

Well- Longaberger comes to you!

Longaberger does several basket shows throughout the year, as well as coming together with other businesses like Boyds Bears and Yankee Candle to do a big show.

The next basket festivals will be:
- Yankee Candle Festival- South Deerfield, MA- May 14-17
- Boyds Bear Country Festival- Gettysburg, PA- August 27-30

At these events you have the opportunity to:
- Make A Basket (SO MUCH FUN)- you'll work with your own personal basketmaker (who area ll SUPER nice) to weave your very own basket that is special to the event (the Yankee Candle Festival is weaving a candle basket)
- Factory Store- shop for retired Longaberger Baskets, Pottery and wrought iron products and get a first hand look at them.
- Homestead At Home Store- Home Decor, clothing, collectibles, gifts and accessories for your event basket (the Boyds basket last year was natural weave with brown trim and teddy bear tacks) All of this stuff will coordinate and show your love for Baskets.
- Longaberger Family members- members of the Longaberger family will attend each event and you can meet them ask them to sign your favorite basket, they're all SUPER nice and it's kinda fun to collect their signatures.
- Basket giveaways, partner tours, special activities and more!

If you are close to the Homestead, don't forget about the Spring Fling, March 27-28 and April 3-4 Games prizes and sales, Longaberger will also be rolling out prestained make a baskets, you don't have to bring them home naked anymore 

To Find out more about basket festivals go here
You never know you might see me there!


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