Friday, February 13, 2009

Organize your Stampin Up!

Hey Ya'll, I've been researching some basket uses since it's currently winning the poll for what my 3 readers want to see, I found some information on how to use Longaberger to organize Stamping supplies. I'll forewarn you, I don't know what some of this stuff is, I don't Stamp up... :( but I would like to, I was very into stamps as a child...  

*note, please remember to use protectors in anything that may hold something inky, or gooey, or messy... My boyfriend can tell you how heartbroken I get when I go to the antique store and find a button basket covered in crayon marks on the inside.. Do it for me, even if you don't care about the basket...

-Vanity with divided protector (no longer in catalog) holds monoadhesive, sponges, brads, eyelet tools, stylus (styli?)
-Round Keeping holds embossing powders
-Desk Pal holds pens and pencils
- Spring Basket would be great to hold scissors, stampin' mist and crystal effects
- Large Market holds stamp sets
- Lots of folks use the market basket to tote their samples to and from shows 

and for some pictures: This site has some great pictures of one woman's stamping space.
(if you're the jealous type you may not want to look... It's pretty awesome)


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