Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Longaberger Bridal Registry

So, you know someone who's getting married, who also loves Longaberger (Like you do!) why not offer to do a Bridal Registry for them? 

Have the bride to be select items from the catalog that she would like for her home, be sure she selects some items from many different price ranges and different types of products. 

Next make up a nice little letterhead type page (LB has one you can get if you use their business card maker)
On this page put the bride and groom's name address and phone number and wedding date

Also make sure that it has your name phone number email address and such. 

Next make a nice little list of all the items the bride chose for example:
Basket                                 QTY    Protector                        Liner Choice Stain
________________    ____   _______________   ___________ ______
________________    ____   _______________   ___________   ______

Wood Products:
Name: QTY: Stain:
_________________________         _____ _______________
_________________________         _____ _______________

Item: Qty: Color  
_________________________ _____ __________
_________________________ _____ __________

And Etc. For whatever the bride identifies

I made up a sample one that you can use and put in your information here

After you have typed or written all of this information up, you and the bride should inform her friends and family that she has made a bridal registry with Longaberger and how to use it, You could send them all an email, call them on the phone or send them a letter by good ole snail mail. An example of what you could say in a letter would be to say:

Dear ________________

     For her bridal registry, (bride's name) has chosen to do something a little different, she loves Longaberger products and as such would love to receive some of our products for her home! (bride's name) has selected items from our catalog and added them to our Bridal Registry. These products are only available through a Longaberger associate, and are not available in stores. 
Included is the list of items that (the bride) has selected as items that she would like for her home. If you would like to purchase an item as a gift please contact me so that I may tell you wether or not that item has been chosen by someone else yet, just like a registry at a store. If you already have a consultant, please order through them, but still let me know so that the bride doesn't receive multiples. 
      At the wedding, the bride will recieve a gift certificate with your name on it so that she may turn in her own Longaberger Show order and receive hostess benefits, no need to wrap or pick it up! You can make purchases through email, phone or mail using your credit card or check. 

-Baskets of Joy
(your name)

and of course jazz it up so it sounds like it's from you! 


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