Saturday, January 17, 2009

Longaberger update video

Video Recap
The company sent out an update last week about new updates, in case your computer can't load it (like my mom's, due to bad connection speed) I'll review it.

The video starts out with Tami and Rachel talking about the Longaberger Foundation, the charitable organization started by Dave which is now headed by Rachel, The idea behind the Longaberger Foundation is the quote by Dave Longaberger that "the American Dream isn't just about getting, but giving as well"
Tami chimes in with the fact that there will now be "Made In America Pottery"
David Near designed it, the average time for design is six monthis, this pottery was designed in 3 weeks. because it is so important to honor the craftspersons in this country. He wanted this pottery to have the same strength as Longaberger baskets. This is supposed to be dinnerware that is an heirloom piece that can be passed down and will last. The pottery was designed by a cake basket given to Tammy by Grandma Bonnie woven by J.W. Longaberger. It features the fancy braid trim and 3 tacks on the handles for sturdiness. The braid is featured as the trim of the new pottery and under the mug handle are the 3 tacks, just like JW used.

One of the actual potter designer's name is Joe Geist, a fourth generation potter of 20 years. Twine was actually rewoven in the braid pattern and used in the mold for the new pottery. It is inspected after every step to ensure that this will be a quality line full of meaning as well as beauty. Each detail represents one aspect of the Longaberger story.

Longaberger Heart and Home
Tami tells the story of her first year in Fort Hood texas and emphasizes the point that the Longaberger Spirit isn't all about sales, it's about building the relationships that will foster them.

Inauguration Basket

Longaberger believes in america, in it's promise and it's greatness, the Inaugural basket this year, is a favorite of Meryl Stout, every 4 years since 1989 Longaberger has made an Inaugural Basket, to celebrate the country's democratic process, and the freedom and right to vote. The basket is shaped as a folded flag which is a great respect to our american military members.

(By the way, my favorite part is the fact that Tom is in the video, He's one of Tami's cats, he always finds a way to get extra attention at the Luncheons at Echsman Meadows (Tami's House))

For Those of you who aren't consultants and don't have access to the video, we have been instructed to share it with you, you can access it here

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