Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, want to know another great business to get in with?
Realtors and Homebuilders

A lot of realtors and homebuilders give a gift to their new home-owners. And what says home better than a Basket hmm? Take the time to find out what realtors and builders are in your area, while your driving around town, take note of the signs that are posted on for-sale homes and write down the names and phone numbers listed. 

What you want to do is- take a basket and fill it with lovely items, chocolate maybe some sparkling cider, whatever you want, make a nice bow to go with it (cellophane can be a nice touch)

Then either go in person, make a phone call, or write up a nice letter, to the home seller explaining a little bit about your product and why it would make an amazing house-warming gift for their customers. If you're sending a letter, attach a picture and a flyer of your product.

A great idea is that you can add a brass weave that says "welcome to your new home!" on them as a little note. 

This is just an idea that I've been working on in my area. 

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