Friday, November 21, 2008

Candy Cane Show

Kay, so you're probably wondering the best way to go about selling all of those great holiday products right? Why not host a candy cane show?

Before the show
- Start out by making sure you're up to date on the great deals the company is giving for the holidays (November: Holiday Helper Sales, LG Recipe Basket, Picture Frames, Wrap it Up, Candlesy. Read up on December's Specials as well..)
-Make sure you have the samples you need, if you don't have something that you think will go well or that your hostess really wants to see, ask around in your branch or ask your Branch Leader, someone probably has it!
- Go to the store and pick up some mini candy canes or peppermints
- Stick a Christmas CD or make sure there is some on your iPod and bring a docking station or boombox to play it on (or check with your hostess to see if she has one available)

During Set Up
- Light a candle that makes you think of Christmas, this is a little bit different to everyone, the obvious choice of course is the Christmas Pine scent, but to me Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie would be just as holiday-ish... (if your not using a candle crock or a jar candle, be sure to put something under the candle so you don't ruin your hostess' carpet or table...
- Play that Holiday Music you brought (not too loud, just for a little mood music.. if you want to play it during your presentation choose something instrumental or peaceful and play it very very low)
- Throw some of that candy you brought in a few of the items you want to highlight (perhaps things that early birds have been fawning over, or things that you know will go well)

During the Show
OK, your show is going to be based around those candy canes you brought, their going to guide your show, and you will have one big game the entire time, you can have some little ones within it too if you want (my crowds always like games)
- Have your guests introduce themselves and also share their favorite holiday tradition, this will get your guests all nostalgic, happy, and feeling that holiday spirit..
- After this have your guests pick a product that they like and you have displayed to be their candy container, (have some extra votives and smaller baskets on hand if they are indecisive)

The whole rest of your show is going to be a "competition" for candy, there will be a prize involved and someone will win. This is by no means a "script" this is a bare bones outline of what you might do, you'll want to have a show that will focus on items that you love and use as well as some that your hostess may have pointed out that she likes, or maybe some that the guests have fawned over.

-History- Ask the guests if they can tell you something about the basket's history, First person to speak up gets 2 candies, anyone else who says something gets one. Now share a little bit of history (Started in Dresden by the Longaberger® Family......)
- If you hang a wreath on your door for the holidays- boy have i got a basket for you (and a candy cane! give a candy to all who have a wreath) talk about the wreath baskets, and explain their uses other than a wreath (chips and dip, candy.. (Pro-Tip: Tammy's luncheons this fall had big hurricane lamps in the center of the large bwreath basket filled with greenery, now not only a wreath, it is an awesome centerpiece!
- Will Christmas be at your house this year, you need more than this candy... but make it more enjoyable by using these great products (mention that they can get the Holiday helper basket set (dish, liner, protector, and basket) for only $55!)
- Will you be baking cookies for Santa this year? (candy cane) keep track of Grandma's recipes with the Larger Recipe basket, only $40 or $45 for the engraved lid! (or some other product you like better that will help with cookies,)
- Going out of town for the holidays? (candy) keep the essentials handy in the car with the Medium Market, keep the coffee strong in the travel mug!
- Will you have a tree? Show some products helpful to decorating or wrapping presents, (the wrap it up basket? the ornaments, ornament candle holders)
- Do you collect anything? Talk about the collectors club and all the great stuff it gives you!
- Do you Love a good deal? (share some other specials ( read: the picture frame deal is great!) talk about the hostess program and how many benefits your customers can get from having a home show or a book show!)
- Do you have a special plate for Santa when you were little (cough-christmas tree plate- cough)
- Will you be sending Christmas cards this year? The recipe basket is great for storing names and recipes, the desktop basket will separate all those different cards your using, the journal basket can store cards and a pen...)
- Do you need to get organized? (Who doesn't? lol, talk about the sort and store baskets, as well as the desktop baskets or the many uses of the market basket..)
-Do you love your job? (find out who doesn't, and share why you love yours! invite them to join you!)
- If you'd love to have an exclusive booking product (highlight the booking gifts)

After the presentation
The guest with the most peppermints wins a small prize, some ideas are a votive filled with candies, Holiday napkins a notepad.
In case of a tie, use your imagination and creativity, (read... pull something out of your... well you know ;) )

This show covers all the senses, sight with the display, sound with the music, taste with the candy, touch with the holding of products and smell with the candle! You can make the show shorter or longer depending on your time slot and level of interest, and spice it up with games (perhaps a mini game of drawing Santa with their eyes closed..

Have Fun!
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