Monday, April 26, 2010

Gifts for Grads

Longaberger has some great options for graduation gifts
First off, the team spirit line can be personalized in school colors
you can either pick their high school colors to remember where they're from, or their college colors for where they're going. 
You can even personalize these baskets further by adding engraved lids, not all schools are available though, so here are some ideas for personalizing not so popular colleges (don't feel bad, my school isn't an option either :( )
So to personalize baskets extra, create a cute tie on, this is easier than it sounds, basically anything with a loop can be strung on ribbon and then tied to the front of a basket, you could take beads in the school colors and add the grad's name and year, order a keychain from the school's bookstore, tie one of the school's buttons on some ribbon and add that. 

Fill the basket a little bit, this will give the student some ideas on how to use the basket in their room as well as give you an opportunity to give them some needed college supplies: 
Desk Supplies: fill with sticky notes, pens, pencils, highlighters, page flags, a notepad, index cards and all those other goodies that are necessary to get started on all that collegiate work.
(baskets with divided protectors = AMAZING)
Cleaning stuff: Febreeze, lysol wipes, all purpose cleaner, paper towels.
Mini Tool Kit: Multi Tool/ Screw drivers, mini hammer, sticky tack, duct tape, sewing kit
Emergency Kit: Small first aid items, if she's anything like me... get the colored/designed band aids...
Yummy Snacks: healthy snacks, breakfast bars, gummi's etc. these are impossible to find for a reasonable price on campus. 

Some extra tiny things you can put in to make it special (at least in my rather special opinion) stickers (the shinier the better), a big box of crayons and a coloring book, a can of red bull (get a label and write "emergency energy" or "Exam Fuel"), a roll of quarters, a pack of gel pens or colored writing utensils..
My absolute favorite baskets I have at school: The Spring Basket (great for holding school supplies, or utensils) and my Lunch Box (in my high school colors with music notes from DAB) I've used the lunch box as a beauty aids basket (all my nail polish, nail polish remover file etc) held candy (I'm an RA and my residents like it) and all kinds of other stuff it's a great basket with some great uses. 

I actually have 2 of these, one in the new summertime stripe, it's awesome!

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