Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team Spirit- Show your True Colors with Longaberger

Longaberger has made an addition to their regular line, Team Spirit baskets, this line has customizable trim and weaves in colors you get to choose. This is similar to our previous design a basket line with one major difference,  NO minimum purchase and it can be combined on a show order, or purchased online through myshop

I have one of the design a basket lunchboxes with my high school colors on it, and I use it constantly at school, It's almost back to school time for college kids, so here are some ideas you could use for your college bound kid (or for any student athlete you know)

Small Square Waste Basket Uses
-Keeping waste tidy (with protector)
- Storing extra toilet paper in the bathroom

TV Time Basket Uses
- holding your pencil, calculator, ruler, protractor, sticky notes, flags, highlighters etc.
- This basket also has a protector available with woodcraft dividers to organize all the small stuff

Medium Gathering Basket uses
- Store Hairbands, brushes and blow dryer on the bathroom counter
- Keep plates and silverware together in the dorm

Medium Market Basket uses
-Keep grab and go breakfast bars or bags of snacks contained
- This basket sits on my desk and holds all my Longaberger wishbooks and flyers, but can easily keep track of papers for different classes

Lunchbox Basket Uses
- Keep track of art supplies such as colored pencils, scissors, crayons and markers.
- use in the car console to keep cell phones, i-pods, cds and other "essentials" handy

Cake Basket Uses
-The cake basket can be combined with two woven traditions square bowls and a cracker basket protecotr, or multiple cracker basket protectors to provide divided organization, separate pens, pencils, and highlighters.
-Keep papers underneath the wooden riser.
- four berry basket protectors allow places for sticky notes, paper clips, staples/stapler and push pins

Also available are the Buffet Bowl Basket and the Beverage tub, all are available in 21 color combinations that can be viewed by going to www.longaberger.com/melissaisaacs they can be ordered online or can be contributed to show orders to gain hostess benefits. As always, if you'd like to host a show, or have any questions, feel free to email me at baskets4missy@gmail.com


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