Sunday, June 28, 2009

Horizon of Hope Gift Ideas

The horizon of hope baskets make great gifts for friends and loved ones, not only are they great keepsakes and beautiful home decorations, they are also a commitment towards finding a cure for breast cancer. Here are some gift ideas that fit inside the baskets that can be given as gifts to friends fighting the fight, or who just might need a pick me up:

  • lip balm (it's summer so spf 15 to protect your smile as well)
  • chocolates or gourmet cookies
  • pretty silk scarf (or funky hat if you so choose)
  • New DVD or CD favorite
  • soothing eye mask
  • some good lotion or body butter
  • deck of cards or handheld game
  • hand sanitizer
  • soft socks or slippers
Spa gift certificates are also always a good standby if you don't know exactly what to get, certainly a massage is a great idea for anyone! You might also consider a visa gift card, from experiences with my grandmother I can tell you that wigs, prothsetics, and all of the supplies that go with treatment and beyond don't come cheap. 

To purchase any of the Horizon of Hope products please visit 

Starting July 1 the whole line will be on sale and $2 of every basket purchase will be donated to the American Cancer Society to raise money for a cure and to make life better for women living with breast cancer
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