Monday, June 22, 2009

All About Longaberger Wrought Iron

Longaberger wrought iron is a great addition to any collection, from wall hooks to bakers racks, to our amazing organizational stands and tv units, they look great with the baskets, and they add new dimensions to your home's organization and style.

The entire line of Wrought Iron is known as the Longaberger Foundry Collection, it is made by skilled blacksmiths who combine traditional methods with the most modern technology to create each unique masterpiece. Every piece is hand forged, and features a natural iron finish that complements our baskets and pottery beautifully. The signatures of every Longaberger Foundry Collection wrought iron pieces is a maple leaf and Longaberger Logo imprint, this is your guarantee that it is a true Longaberger piece, it will coordinate with other foundry pieces and work with any decor. You can also coordinate with your baskets, as you may choose warm, rich, or deep brown stains for our fabulous WoodCrafts shelves.

To care for your wrought iron pieces:
  • dust regularly using a soft cloth
  • clean using a mild soap and damp cloth, do not use products containng bleach
  • The products are sealed from the elements, but an application of furniture polish to help prevent rust
  • To use your products outdoors or in very humid conditions, try coating it with Johnson's Floor Wax or Future Floor Wax (I've heard you can even use a bit of car wax if you want to put it outside, but this is a non-Longaberger tip)

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