Monday, May 11, 2009

Made in America pottery available on factory store

Hi everyone, starting tomorrow, there will be a special on some of our older pottery that was made in america several years ago.
What will be available will be the Cereal bowls and the Dessert Bowls.
These are two great size bowls, and you can click the picture for more detail.
My dad uses the cereal bowl every day before work, for it's traditional use, he says it is the PERFECT size bowl. If my mom has used all of them for leftovers or hasn't washed one for him, he gets quite upset if he can't have his cereal bowl, they're 24 ounces. The dessert bowls are 8 ounces and I find them useful to hold things like bracelets or rings, they also are a good size to hold a bar of soap, or loose change.
these are available by going to and clicking factory store on the left hand side :)
Grab them while their hot on tuesday!

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