Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catalina China to Start production of Made In America Pottery

It was announced April 30th that Catalina China based in Tuscon Arizona will start production of Longaberger's American Home pottery. Catalina China also produces the collectors club birds, the star motif plates, and the bee patterned pottery consultants love :)
The American Home Pottery is currently only being produced in West Virginia, opening this new plant should help immensely with production rates, as well as help boost our American Economy back to where it should be :-)
This line of pottery is based on the design of traditional baskets, and drawings were in fact done with Tami Longaberger's own cake basket that her Grandmother had given her. The plates feature a decorative braid element and the handles of the pitcher have the 3 tack design JW Longaberger used to secure his handles.

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