Friday, April 17, 2009

Longaberger In the White House

Tammy was recently in my area (in Frederick Maryland) and I have a super cute story for ya'll.
I live in the Washington DC Metro area, so the Easter Egg Roll is always on our Easter news. This year Longaberger sent up 2,000 easter baskets for the kids attending.

At the Maryland event Tammy was telling us about this story and said that the white house called and asked for two more baskets, and they thought only two more? We sent 2,000! Apparently the Obama's liked them so much that they decided Sasha and Malia needed ones of their own! I wonder if Longaberger has been in the white house before this?

On another note: In case you hadn't heard, Sasha and Malia also got their puppy! Bo is a Portugese Water dog given to the family by Senator Ted Kennedy and his family.
(left)The Obama family and their puppy Bo, (right) Bo
(I work at Petsmart, So I had to include the part about the puppies!)
Hopefully Bo isn't like my boyfriend's mom's puppies and think Longaberger Maple is a tasty treat, they've gone through 2 baskets and counting, I buy her pottery instead now...

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