Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Longaberger Supports Breast Cancer Study

Horizon of Hope is Longaberger's charitable line that supports breast cancer research, awareness and healthy living. Horizon of Hope started in 1995 as a partnership between The Longaberger Company, and the American Cancer Society. Every year Longaberger designs and creates a basket traditionally designed in Light Pink and White, or Brown, and $2 from every basket go to the American Cancer Society.
As of 2008 the campaign had raised nearly $13 million and provided approximately 19 million women with important and potentially life saving information. The money raised goes towards research and education to help win the fight against breast cancer. Specifically it tries to Improve the quality and access to mammography services, Improve breast imaging quality standards, improve the quality of clinical breast examination, improve the quality of life for young survivors and women with breast cancer recurrence. Horizon of Hope is also helping the American Cancer Society research Lymphedema, which is a chronic and debilitating swelling of the arm caused by the destruction of the lymphatic vessels during the removal of lymph nodes or damage to them by radiation.

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