Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is Longaberger too expensive?

  Understandably in today's economy, people are having to tighten their belts a little and save their money. This relates to Longaberger as well, certainly our prices are higher than baskets you might find at the local Walmart or Kmart, but those baskets don't compare to our Handcrafted products made right here in America.
  For those who have never been to a Longaberger Home Party, please take your next opportunity to do so, free food for just listening to an awesome Longaberger Consultant tell you a little bit about herself and her passion (or his!) Attending a Home Party will allow you to see just how Longaberger can fit into your lifestyle. Longaberger is a product that is made to be used every day, it is sturdy and long lasting and clean up is super easy!
  One of my biggest reasons for selling Longaberger is the direct impact I am having to improve our nation's economy. Our baskets are Made in America and thus will have a direct impact on our economy. By purchasing American Made goods, we can directly help pay our neighbors paychecks, and they will in turn put more money back into ours.
  If you still want to support the Longaberger company but need a more budget friendly way to do it, here are a few options

  1. Check out the Factory Store. The Factory Store is where Longaberger puts up baskets and products that they made too many of. These products are reduced in price and available at my website to get to the factory store, you just need to click the link on the left hand side that says "shop at the factory store/homestead online"
  2. Take advantage of our sales Longaberger hosts several sales throughout each month usually including a one day super savings sale where you must order online through as well as items that can be added to show orders with your home consultant  I try to post all of our sales online when I can so if you're a follower of mine either through the follow button at the top right hand corner, or if you follow me through a reader, (also on the right hand side) you will be notified of our sales. If you are interested you can email me and I can email them straight to you. 
There are lots of items in our current wishbook that are less than $25 
Under $25
Woven Traditions 1pint crock ($12)
TWO woven traditions bread plates $25
Grandma Bonnie's Pie Plate $22
(NEW) Woven Traditions Measuring Cup $24
Set of 2 Woven Traditions Mugs ($22)
Wrought Iron Salt and Pepper Caddy ($15)
Soft Square salt and pepper shakers ($25)
2 Woven Traditions Soup and Salad Bowls ($22)

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